You are currently viewing RSL Fire ontwikkeld een blussysteem voor transport van Lithium-Ion Batterijen

RSL Fire develops an extinguishing system for the transport of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Especially for the transport and storage of lithium-ion batteries and other dangerous goods, we have developed an extinguishing system that can be integrated in mobile transport boxes. Our systems detect and extinguish any fires completely autonomously and prevent re-ignition.

Lithium-ion batteries pose a major challenge when it comes to transport safety. Even minor damage or internal failure can lead to an internal short circuit and thermal runaway. This creates large amounts of gases that ignite when released and can quickly lead to a large fire.

Transport containers must therefore have the following properties:
1.: A stable housing
2.: A fireproof liner
3.: A suitable extinguishing system

Our transport boxes have been developed based on these specifications. They consist of a certified aluminum box, an optional rock wool liner and one of our fully automatic aerosol extinguishing systems. Aerosol is ideal as an extinguishing agent for lithium-ion batteries:

  1. Aerosol can extinguish gas flames from damaged lithium cells very quickly and effectively.

2.: The long holding time of the aerosol helps to permanently suppress gas flames that develop after the extinguisher has been activated, even for an extended period of time (up to several hours).

3.: Aerosol can quickly and permanently extinguish burning packaging material.

4.: Aerosol helps to slow the Thermal Runaway and lower the temperature level of adjacent cells and thus can stop the spread and re-ignition of a fire.

Our transport boxes are available in different designs and sizes. There are also UN-coded transport and storage boxes for transport by road or air.

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