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Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems & Fire Protection

RSL Fire stands for safety, quality and innovation. Protect your future with our aerosol extinguishing systems.

Our range of certified aerosol fire suppression systems and aerosol fire extinguishers offers numerous possibilities to significantly improve or expand your fire protection. Our aerosol extinguishing systems offer many advantages compared to other extinguishing agents; aerosol is very reliable, durable, environmentally friendly and low maintenance.

We offer solutions for almost every problem in preventive fire protection. With great dedication we create innovations and product optimisations, setting new standards in the field of automatic fire protection and fire prevention.

VDS certified

Our aerosol fire suppression systems are certified by Europe's number one for fire protection: VdS

Our Aerosol Generators

RSL Fire Aerosol Fire Suppression System

Our Aerosol Generators are extremely reliable and durable. The entire extinguishing agent is contained in the generator in the form of a solid substance in a very stable and high-quality housing. These housings are generally made of steel, which means that our extinguishers are highly resistant to external influences and can therefore be used in almost any environment. Thanks to the use of a highly effective solid compound to generate the extinguishing aerosol, our aerosol fire suppression systems are not pressurized.

Omdat een externe toevoer van het blusmiddel niet nodig is zijn geen leidingen nodig. Het enige dat nodig is, is een elektrisch signaal of een analoge ontsteking voor activering van de brandblus generator. Onze aerosol generatoren zijn daardoor uiterst duurzaam en onderhoudsarm. Afhankelijk van uw wensen kunnen onze generatoren ook geheel autonoom geïnstalleerd worden. Na activering van de vaste stof brandt deze op een gecontroleerde manier af en genereert de blusaerosol. De brand dooft snel en dankzij de aerosol wordt herontsteking voorkomen. Aerosol is milieuvriendelijk en heeft een lange levensduur.

The advantages of our Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems

Our aerosol fire suppression systems offer many advantages and can be used for the most diverse applications. Our aerosol extinguishing systems are cheaper than gas and sprinkler systems, require little maintenance and protect against various fires. Thanks to the unique technology, re-ignition is prevented very effectively and in two ways, even with burning lithium-ion batteries. Our aerosol generators are of the highest quality and certified by the most renowned institutes worldwide. 

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